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One of Blue’s friends on myspace Wasabi makes Corgi Comics and this episode features Blue!

Check it out here:

Corgi Comics Halloween Special 1 – Costume Crisis


Americans now spend more time with computers than with their spouse

By Mark Raby

Redwood City (CA) – The cliched phrase “Honey, I’m home” may now actually be addressing the household computer, as a new survey by Kelton Research shows that the majority of Americans spend more time with their computer than they do with their significant other.

The study, which took a representative sample of 1001 adults, showed that 65% of the people polled said their “significant other” was receiving less attention than their computer, as part of an underlying trend of Americans’ increasing devotion to and relationship with technology.

The results also showed that about 84% of Americans are more dependent on their computer today than they were three years ago. Additionally, the survey looked at problems most Americans face with computers. The average American spends 12 hours per month dealing with and trying to fix computer problems.

“As computers become increasingly pervasive in our lives, our relationships with them can begin to seem almost as important as a relationship with a significant other. When problems then occur with the computer, it often leaves people feeling frustrated or helpless,” said tele-therapist Dr. Robi Ludwig in a press release by, which commissioned the survey.

Computer addiction is a recently new field of study for psychology and has even sparked new detox facilities in other countries, like China. Others are more skeptical about the problem. In a 2005 Stanford report on Internet addiction, one researcher noted, “The Internet is an environment. You can’t be addicted to the environment.”

What’s wrong with you lately???

There’s this:

Taken from the Strung Out message board:
“So our van and trailer just got stolen from our hotel here in Philly around 7:30am. We had just checked in and no more then 20 minutes later, Chris happen to look out the window and see our van driving out. Sure enough, it was skidrown mother fucker ripping it off. So we have lost ALL of our equipment, all of our merch, tons of personal stuff and we are pretty much fucked and stuck in a shitty Days Inn in a fucked up part of town in Philly. There was a double homicide 2 blocks down the road that we were watching about on TV so ya, not a nice part of town at all. Anyhow, if you live in Philly, please be on the look out for our van and trailer. Its a light blue ford E 350 15 passenger van with a white trailer with white rims. There is a bull skull mounted on the front of the grill. We are trying to think what to do. We will figure out how the show must go on though because we for sure dont want to or are we thinking about canceling the tour. We have a lot to figure out here…..

And this:

2 Guards Shot Dead In Armored Car Heist

by KYW’s Al Novack, Tony Hanson, and Steve Tawa

Philadelphia police are searching for gunman who killed two security guards during an armored car robbery Thursday morning in the city’s Rhawnhurst section.

Police officials say two guards were shot to death at point-blank range. A third guard suffered minor injuries when the gunman fired at him as he sat inside the armored car.

Police commissioner Sylvester Johnson has called it an “execution.”

“(One guard) gets up, starts taking money out of the ATM machine. As one guard is taking money out of the ATM machine, an unidentified black male come up around the lefthand side of him and fires, shooting the guard and killing him. He then goes around the pole, shoots the other guard; he is also fatally wounded.”

Later, police officials disclosed that both slain security guards were retired Philadelphia police officers. They are identified as Joseph Allullo, 50, who had been with the force for 27 years until he retired in 2000, and William Widmaier, 65, a 23-year veteran of the force who retired in 1989. Sources say they had been lifelong friends. Read the rest of the story here.

And this:

Phila. Funeral Directors Charged with Trafficking Body Parts

by KYW’s Mark Abrams

Three Philadelphia funeral directors are among five people charged in a scheme to harvest diseased body parts from the dead for resale to companies who then sold them to hospitals.

District attorney Lynne Abraham says the trio allowed 44-year-old Michael Mastromarino, the owner of a Fort Lee, NJ biomedical tissue company to send in a group of “cutters” to harvest bones, skin, and tissue from 244 people.

“These bodies and the tissue and bone from them, were not healthy and in almost every case was totally unsuitable for implantation into anybody for any reason.” Read the whole story here.

+ the Phillies lost again!

I <3 candy!

Life can be sweeter if you cut out the sugar

By Michael Kahn Tue Oct 2, 12:54 PM ET

LONDON (Reuters) – Giving up sweets and avoiding vitamins could help you live longer, German researchers said on Tuesday.

They found that restricting glucose — a simple sugar found in foods such as sweets that is a primary source of energy for the body — set off a process that extended the life span of some worms by up to 25 percent.

The key was boosting the level of “free radicals” — unstable molecules that can damage the body and which people often try to get rid of by consuming food or drinks rich in anti-oxidants such as vitamin E, they said in a study published in the journal Cell Metabolism.

Restricting glucose first spurred the worms to generate more free radicals, but then they quickly built up long-lasting defenses against them, said Michael Ristow, an endocrinologist at the University of Jena and the German Institute of Human Nutrition, who led the study.

“During the process, the worm generates more free radicals, which activates defenses against free radicals within the worm,” he said in a telephone interview. “The bad thing in the end promotes something good.”

The body needs glucose, but taking in too much was unhealthy, Ristow said. Read the rest of the story.

Look what I just got in the mail!


John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer, aka Jim and Pam, aka PB&J are on the cover of Entertainment Weekly this month. They’re so cute.

I keep seeing an ad on the Yahoo! home page with a girl that totally looks like Hilary Duff.

hilary duff

Left: the Impostor, Right the Duffster.