There is a NEW EPISODE of The Office tonight!!! I hope Toby doesn’t really move to Costa Rica… he’s a good character! Also, Kelly needs to be on more often! (ok, I’m done with the exclamation points… for now)

On MySpace I’m friends with Pam/Jenna and Angela from The Office. It’s funny how Jenna blogs from the Office set: “I’m on set in the deep background of a scene. Dwight, Andy and Angela are in the kitchen and I’m at my desk pretending to work. I was sitting here, answering emails and reading gossip sites and I thought, “Hey, why not blog a bit!” So, here I am. Not too different from when I was a real receptionist. Funny how life works sometimes huh?”

She mentioned that since Angela is pregnant in real life and not on the show they “have been hiding her belly with files, purses, copy machines and even people. Yesterday we did a scene and it was my job to block her belly. So cute!” It’s fun to notice how they are hiding her belly while watching the show.

Angela posted this cute picture on her MySpace page of her and Rainn Wilson (Dwight).
Angela Kinsey and Rainn Wilson

It’s cool how Jenna and Angela are close friends. They’re so cute.
Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey

And one more picture:
Schrutes produce thirsty babies

Awesome shirt!!!

Update: Yay! Toby was on tonight’s episode :)