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If you are on MySpace, I would like to recommend that you become friends with this group. They are traveling with the Vans Warped Tour this summer.

To Write Love on Her Arms

To Write Love On Her Arms – Intro Video

To Write Love on Her Arms is a work in progress. This began with one broken girl, one painful night; addiction, depression, cutting. This is a glimpse at the five days that followed, a decision to love and to begin telling her true story. To Write Love on Her Arms is becoming something bigger, something hopeful. It’s the realization of what life can be when we commit to meeting a need. A friend of mine told me there’s no such thing as suicide prevention. This is an attempt to prove him wrong, to say that love can change a life. We can hold back the darkness. Rescue is possible. More soon to come. Join us as we continue to write this story, and as we begin to offer hope to the many hopeless who walk these dark roads. A Jimmy Eat World lyric has been stuck in my head today, “Believe your voice can mean something.”

Or visit their website.

They have lots of shirts including this awesome one for sale here.


While screwing around on the internet last night I found these two cute bags.

1. “I don’t get wasted” Organic Cotton Reusable Shopping Tote by Origins Organics

i don't get wasted tote

As someone who doesn’t drink (and never has) and likes organic/green stuff, I thought this bag was really awesome. Up to $120K of profits from the bag will benefit the Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF), a not-for-profit organization that offers grants to organic farmers. It doesn’t look like you can buy it online, but apparently it’s only $10 at Origins stores (looks like they are in most Macy’s stores).

2. “Hot dog” tote bag. From fred flare

Dachshund toteDachshund tote

I kind of have a thing for dogs with little legs! They don’t have a Corgi tote, but this Dachshund is just too cute. I can never spell dachshund, so I googled it…

cute daschund puppy
Awww! I <3 puppies.

Mark Beemer and the Shirts for a Cure project were just featured in the May 2008 issue of Alternative Press. Click here to check it out. The Syrentha Savio Endowment (SSE) was started by band photographer Mark Beemer after he lost his wife Syrentha to breast cancer. SSE provides financial assistance to underprivileged women who cannot afford expensive breast cancer medicine and therapy. The Shirts For A Cure Project (SFAC) was launched by SSE to give voice to the social concerns of punk bands and their many fans as well as to raise awareness about breast cancer prevention.

I’ve supported both of these charities since I heard of SSE at the reunion shows Kid Dynamite played in Philadelphia in 2003 to benefit SSE.

Instead of having favors at our wedding reception we donated money in our guests’ name to SSE.

SSE wedding donations

At the Kid Dynamite show I bought the blue version of this shirt:

kid dynamite liberty bell sse shirt

I also have this Hot Water Music shirt (which I happen to be wearing today)

hot water music shirts for a cure shirt

And Jeff has this Rise Against shirt:
Rise Against shirts for a cure

I think the next one I’m going to get is this The Loved Ones shirt… or you can get it for me, I wear a small :)
The Loved Ones Shirts for a Cure shirt

Shirts for a Cure is a great charity! Support it!

Thanks to all of my friends who wished me a happy birthday :)

I feel like my brain is kind of broken… I was just watching The Hills and my favorite band Alkaline Trio was on it. It was so weird, and surprising. I don’t know what to think. At least Audrina has the good sense to know they are good.

My mom got me tickets to see Alkaline Trio at Croc Rock June 20th. Yay!

And speaking of Alkaline Trio, Matt Skiba has cute/funny pictures of himself from when he was younger on his MySpace page. Here are a few:
Matt Skiba How about this haircut?Matt Skiba Every picture should have a reflection.
Matt Skiba The new look for 2008!!!Matt Skiba Bolo tie anyone?

And here he is with his parents. Aw.
Matt Skiba with his parents
Back to my birthday. My sister got me this awesome Marc by Marc Jacobs coin purse and a silver “W” key chain. (Also Marc Jacobs)
Marc by Marc Jacobs coin
I also got the Cloverfield and Clue DVDs. :)

My mom, grandmother, sister and I went to the Brandywine River Museum on Saturday where I once again wished I had $5000 to spend on this print. (Snow Hill by Andrew Wyeth) It’s big (26 1/2 by 40), beautiful and would look great in my new living room ;)
Andrew Wyeth Snow Hill

Jeff took me out to dinner to Carrabbas. I had Mezza Luna (as always) yum. The host looked like Ryan Atwood. Weird.

Ryan Atwood

That’s pretty much it. Not sure if I’m a fan of being 28, but I guess I don’t have a choice!


Update: Here is the video of Alkaline Trio “recording” their new song, “In Vein” on the Hills. It pretty much just focuses on Dan singing and Lo being a ho-bag.


I’m totally in love with this tree. I want a dogwood (or two, or three) at our new house because they are pretty and the first place Jeff and I lived together was Dogwood Circle.

Burt's Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser

This face wash is awesome and 100% natural and it smells like I’m washing my face with orange sherbet. Burt’s Bee’s Orange Essence Facial Cleanser.

Simple Toepaz

I really like these Toepaz shoes from Simple… too bad they are $75!

  • The women’s Toepaz contains no animal byproducts or even regular animal products. This shoe is vegan friendly and veggie friendly.
  • Hemp uppers
  • Lined in bamboo
  • Natural latex pedbed with an organic cotton canvas cover
  • Recycled car tire outsole
  • Uses water-based cements
  • 100% post consumer paper pulp foot forms
  • Ships in our totally state-of-the-art/back-to-the-future post-consumer recycled box
  • And last but not least..

    Alexis visiting her aldergaters on Jon & Kate plus 8.

    We have this on our DVR and I think I’ve watched it at least 6 or 7 times.
    “Him a yittle guy.” “Awwww hi!” “I have hiccups.”

    I<3 the Gosselin kids.

    I read here that “according to Salon’s sources, organic cotton fiber may still be sprayed with fumigants when it’s brought into the U.S. due to laws meant to keep immigrant bugs out. And “made with organic cotton” garments can contain as little as 3 percent of the good stuff.”

    “Almost as bad are the dyes to make denim blue, and the finishers and bleaches that give your trendy jeans that lived-in look. These can release tons of harsh chemicals and potential carcinogens during the manufacturing process. ”

    Raising cotton uses about 25 percent of the world’s insecticides. Look for organic cotton that’s grown in the U.S, to avoid that import spraying. The U.S. is one of the top two producers of organic cotton (Turkey is the other).”

    “The harder part is finding out about the dyes and finishes. Ask for materials using low-impact dyes (though don’t get fooled by promises of natural dyes; those aren’t necessarily safe in production).”

    “Avoid all those crazy finishes unless the seller explicitly says they’re created by hand, not by chemicals. Pre-faded knees, whiskering, faux-dirty rinses, and simulated aging all add junk to the fabric while polluting the planet. And stone-washing is rarely done with stones these days; the effect is usually achieved by chemicals.” THIS STUFF LOOKS STUPID ANYWAY.

    First she and her husband split, now this.

    On her blog, Jenna Fischer (aka Pam Beesly) acknowledged that her Emmy dress was “kind of a risk.” She continued to say, “You may hate it. Or, it might be awesome. I’m honestly not sure. But I love it. It’s not like anything I’ve ever worn before. I wanted to break out a little.” Well, guess who just landed on the “Worst Dressed” list…

    jenna fischer emmy 2007 worsted dress

    I think it would have been ok if it didn’t have that stupid bow on it!

    Don’t worry Jenna, your Office co-worker (Mindy Kaling, aka Kelly Kapoor) landed on the list with you!

    This dress is bananas b-a-n-a-n-a-s. This dress is bananas.

    Since I’m such a tree hugger, I love this “organic needs” tote bag from Roxy. Too bad it seems to be sold out everywhere :(

    i love clean air roxy organic needs tote bag